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Clinical Nutrition in Panama City FL

The Bay Doctor Clinical Nutrition in Panama City, FL

With organic food growing in popularity and heightened awareness of nutrition on the rise, it should be simple to eat healthy these days.  Unfortunately, eating right has become anything but simple; cutting back on fats and sugars, while still a good idea, is not enough.  And with a shocking lack of regulation about just what can be called “natural” or “organic,” there’s so much conflicting information and misinformation out there that it’s incredibly difficult to know what we need to eat to provide our body with the nutrients it deserves.

This is why the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic offers services in Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing.  Everybody is different, and nobody can achieve a healthy lifestyle without getting the correct fuel to accomplish its daily tasks.  As a Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Salamay is fully qualified to determine the specific nutritional needs of his patients—and indeed, proper eating is fundamental to all his patients, no matter their condition or overall health level!  After all, as the father of medicine (Hippocrates) said himself, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is comprised of two major steps: a complete physical analysis, and a natural, individually-tailored health improvement program utilizing Designed Clinical Nutrition.  The entire process is all natural, involving no injections or artificial drugs, and is built on literally centuries of anatomical study.

During the analysis phase of Nutritional Response Testing, the doctor makes contact with a series of reflex points all over the patient’s body.  Each of these points is directly physically and energetically connected to a major organ or tissue.  Over the course of the analysis, the doctor can assess the health and overall function of all the important areas of the internal body, and this data is what fuels the resulting health improvement program.

After conducting this initial analysis, it is possible to pinpoint what areas of the body are weak or functioning poorly, and addressing these weaknesses is the goal of the health improvement program.  But how exactly does one strengthen their internal organs?  It may surprise you to hear that, despite decades of marketing propaganda to the contrary, the answer isn’t “vitamins!”  Indeed, the bulk of “over-the-counter” vitamins are little more than artificial, chemically-contrived imitations of the beneficial substances present in the foods we eat.

As the nutrients that a body needs are already present in the food around us, Designed Clinical Nutrition focuses exclusively on a diet of whole foods, supplemented with efficient alternate forms of those same whole foods—real organic produce, primarily—in concentrated capsules or tablets.  These real food supplements have been produced through a cold-process concentrating vacuum that preserves the enzymes, nutrients, and vital organic components that give the body such organ-supporting benefits.

Put simply, the benefits involved in proper nutrition can’t be overstated.  Through the Nutritional Response Testing and other Clinical Nutrition services offered at the Bay Clinic, you can leave out the nutritional guesswork and approach your body’s needs with the confidence that comes from a precise health plan based on expert medical advice.

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