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At the Bay Clinic Of Chiropractic, our mission is to provide world class healthcare for the natural treatment of chronic pain and neurometabolic conditions. Chiropractor Dr. Tony Salamay’s stays abreast with “the latest” keeps him rotating between patients at his Bay Clinic Of Chiropractic and any lecture or seminar that may have something new for him even when that is in distant cities. Chiropractic medicine is more than just adjustment of the spine, though that’s certainly an important part of what Doctors of Chiropractic do. Indeed, chiropractic is a philosophy of healing based in common sense and respect for the supremely efficient natural engineering of the human body. Without getting too bogged down in the technical side of things, let’s briefly examine what sets chiropractic medicine apart from conventional medicine so you can decide if chiropractic is right for you and your health.

One of the central principles of chiropractic medicine is that the body is its own best healer. There’s nothing inherently mystical or supernatural about that; indeed, it’s the basis of most conventional medicine as well, which is (or used to be) centered on putting the body in its best position to heal itself. Think of a cut, for example: there’s no medicine or technique that causes the skin to close itself up again, as it’s the body’s own cells regenerating that fixes the wound. The most that can be done by a doctor or other healer is to make it as easy as possible for the body to take care of itself, and that’s the job that chiropractors still seek to do.

Some of the most common problems treated with chiropractic medicine at the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic include:

Somewhere in the last several decades, unfortunately, medical practitioners became beholden to an industry that demands that they push expensive techniques and drugs rather than helping the body naturally take care of itself. However, chiropractors hold true to this original principle of self-healing, and to this day practitioners of chiropractic medicine provide holistic, natural treatment for countless medical problems.

The reason chiropractors focus so much on the spinal cord is simply because the spine is the central connection between the brain and the rest of the body. It’s not that the back is all that chiropractors can heal; rather, it just happens that most problems and imbalances in the body are treatable by looking at the connections in the spine. When the nervous system is blocked for whatever reason from connecting to a tissue, organ, muscle, or joint, the result is called a subluxation, and the effect of this subluxation is pain, discomfort, or poor functioning of the affected area. Chiropractic medicine centers on a technique called chiropractic adjustment to allow the body to correct these subluxations.


Adjustment is a safe, natural method of correcting imbalances and traumas within the body by manually manipulating affected areas in the spine.

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