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Chronic pain treatment in Panama City FL

Chiropractic Chronic Pain and Fatigue Treatment in Panama City, FL

For people suffering from chronic pain or chronic fatigue, daily life can be incredibly difficult.  The source of either chronic pain or chronic fatigue can be one of hundreds of different conditions, but the conventional solution that you may have already experienced in seeking relief from this torment is the same for every problem: drugs and surgery.

In actual fact, each pain-causing or fatigue-causing condition requires its own specialized treatment, and that is the approach to the problems of chronic pain and chronic fatigue that we take at the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic.

Chronic pain is defined as pain experienced for more than two months, and indicates a serious problem with the body.  Pain comes from nerve cells throughout the body which travel through nerve pathways along the spine, and from there to the brain, where it is received and processed.  Though pain is generated by the body for good, important reasons—to let the brain know that part of the body is in distress, and is not functioning properly—experiencing this pain can be traumatic enough that the sufferer can’t live their life.


Before beginning treatment, our clinic conducts an exhaustive investigation into to the exact nature of the pain-causing condition.  While injury is an obvious source of pain (either recent injury or an improperly-healed older one), pain is also frequently linked with illness or environmental strain.  For that reason, chronic pain treatment at the Bay Clinic begins not only with a battery of advanced lab tests, but also a thorough examination of a patient’s lifestyle.  From there, we work together with the patient to devise a sustainable course of treatment using the latest in research-based techniques.  Treatment of chronic pain is generally based on chiropractic medicine, Functional Medicine, and clinical nutrition—in other words, natural, sustainable treatment options that actually correct pain-causing imbalances in the body, not just hide the pain.

Chronic fatigue is more than just feeling tired or run-down.  If you have suffered from low energy for more than six months, particularly if accompanied by occurrences of other symptoms including severe headaches, muscle or joint pain, weakness, insomnia, inability to concentrate, or memory impairment, it is extremely likely that your body is afflicted with a serious medical condition, and treatment needs to be sought immediately.

Like chronic pain, chronic fatigue can be the result of a variety of medical or environmental problems: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a debilitating condition on its own, is frequently linked with viral infections, immunodeficiency, and hormonal imbalances.  None of these problems are solvable by taking pills to mask the symptoms.  It is only by addressing the root cause of chronic fatigue that the underlying condition can be treated and healing can begin.

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