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Chiropractic Disc Treatment in Panama City FL

Chiropractic Disc Treatment in Panama City FL

Are you experiencing intense pain in your lower back that radiates down through your thighs, calves, and feet?  What about shooting neck pain that spreads down to the shoulders and beyond, to the upper arms and lower arms?  These symptoms, as well as muscle spasms, weakness, impaired movement, or feelings of numbness or tingling, may point to serious problems with the discs in your spine.

Bay City Clinic of Chiropractic is the area’s premiere location for treatment of spinal problems.  When experiencing pain radiating out from your upper or lower back into your extremities, the cause is often trauma inflicted on one’s spinal discs.  Spinal discs or intervertebral discs are soft, gel-filled discs between each of the vertebrae, the bones in your spine.  As they are subject to a great deal of stress in daily life, discs are prone to numerous problems that can cause great pain and reduced mobility if not treated properly. 

One of the most common issues with spinal discs is spinal herniation or spinal disc herniation, also referred to as a bulging disc or slipped disc.  In this condition, one of the intervertebral discs moves out of alignment with the rest of the spine.  This puts pressure on the nerves surrounding the spinal cord, which leads to pain extending through these nerves into other parts of the body.  This condition is generally caused by normal wear and tear on the body, though it’s also likely to occur in the case of injury, poor posture, and general lifestyle issues.  Not only does spinal disc herniation lead to terrible chronic pain, continued movement of the spine can put further pressure on the distressed disc, giving rise to more serious health conditions such as ruptured disc or sciatica.

Sciatica is typically the result of spinal disc herniation that occurs lower in the spine, which puts pressure on the lumbar or sacral nerves.  Areas affected by the pain of sciatica include the legs, digestive and urinary functions, and other parts of the lower body.

As with too many medical conditions, disc herniation and other disc problems are treated by conventional medicine with a course of painkillers and the hope that the problem sorts itself out—and when it doesn’t, invasive surgery.

At the Bay Clinic, our treatment of disc problems begins with an advanced battery of examinations and tests (CT scan, X-ray, electromyogram, etc.) to diagnose the exact nature of the problem.  Based on this information, a course of therapy is prescribed, generally centered on chiropractic adjustment, Functional Medicine, applied functional neurology, and lifestyle coaching including a complete clinical nutritional workup.  The result of this treatment is not only relief of the pain of trauma to the spinal disc, but also a reduction in the chance this kind of problem will recur thanks to an improved, healthier lifestyle.

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