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Are you constantly fighting insomnia?

Insomnia is something we all deal with from time to time, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating or damaging to our productiveness and happiness. The importance of uninterrupted sleep can’t be overstated: being well-rested is critical for human beings to be their healthiest and operate at peak efficiency. But insomnia doesn’t just make life a little more difficult; it can pose serious dangers especially people who suffer with chronic insomnia.


From waking up too early to being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep, the effects of insomnia spill over into every aspect of our life, contributing to fatigue, anxiety, and low focus or attention span. Even worse, insomnia weakens the immune system, leading to greater risk of illness, and drowsiness caused by insomnia makes a sufferer more susceptible to accidents that can injure oneself or others.

Insomnia Common Causes

Insomnia is more of a symptom than a condition—literally meaning “inability to sleep,” insomnia can be a result of anything from environmental factors to injury to neurological issues.  Here are some of the most common causes of insomnia, each of which needs to be diagnosed and treated appropriately to remove the insomnia and finally get some rest:

Adrenal Stress or Fatigue: The adrenal glands are important for proper functioning of the brain and body, and insomnia is a common symptom of adrenal stress or fatigue.  Adrenal stress is associated with hyper adrenals or high cortisol, while adrenal fatigue is associated with low cortisol, both of which can cause interrupted sleep.

Anxiety: Apart from the obvious inability to relax enough to fall asleep, anxiety can affect the production of glutamate in the central nervous system.  This excess of glutamate excites the brain, inhibiting neurotransmitters like GABA that allow the brain to go to sleep.

Neck and Back Pain: Vertebral subluxations can affect nerves and their firing rate.  This activates the cortex of the brain, preventing or interfering with healthy sleep.

Dietary Issues: Spikes (highs and lows) in the blood sugar can affect the adrenals’ production of cortisol, which prevents someone from falling asleep.  These fluctuations in blood sugar are frequently due to problems with one’s diet, but can also be caused by poor functioning of the digestive or endocrine system.

Neurotransmitter Deficiency: Frequently insomnia is caused by a problem with the body’s production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA. Serotonin is converted into melatonin, a hormone necessary for sleep. Meanwhile, GABA reduces neuron excitability throughout the body, thus relaxing the body and nerves.  Without sufficient production of these two chemicals, sleep is difficult or impossible.


Natural Treatment for Insomnia

Functional Medicine provides numerous treatments for insomnia, and the most appropriate course of treatment is chosen according to a patient’s needs and the exact cause of the problem.

At the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, we use laboratory tests, exams, questionnaires and hormonal tests to determine the root cause of insomnia before proceeding with holistic, Functional remedies.  We use effective nutritional and neurological-based chiropractic care to restore proper functioning of the brain and body to promote good, restful sleep.


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