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Chiropractor neck and back pain treatment Panama City

Chiropractic Clinic Neck and Back Pain Treatment in Panama City, FL

An overwhelming majority of adults suffer from neck or back pain in their daily life.  This can be caused by poor posture, mechanical strain, stress, weakening of the spine due to injury or illness, irritation caused by a lifetime of compression…whatever the cause, the result is debilitating pain that reduces one’s quality of life.  Most of us simply accept this pain as an inevitable part of growing older, but for far too many people, the constant pain is so severe that it makes daily life all but impossible.

But short of constantly taking over-the-counter pain medication or stronger, possibly addictive prescription painkillers, what can we do about neck and back pain?

Conventional medical doctors are discouraged from advising their patients to consider lifestyle changes or other therapies by the pharmaceutical industry.  As it happens, though, there are numerous alternatives to the traditional daily course of pain medication.  The Bay Clinic of Chiropractic provides its patients with a considered, personalized course of therapy to actually improve their neck or back pain instead of just masking symptoms with drugs without making anything better.



Treatment options at the Bay Clinic vary according to the patient’s specific condition and overall health.  After a thorough analysis of the patient’s complete neurological system and the exact nature of their injury or trauma, a wholly personalized course of treatment is devised in close collaboration with the patient. Functional Medicine, clinical nutrition, cutting-edge techniques such as spinal decompression, and above all, a comprehensive course of chiropractic therapy are synthesized to give our patients a road map to recovery and complete health.

Back and neck pain are frequently associated with secondary symptoms that further reduce one’s quality of life.  Apart from constant dull or shooting pain, many patients also suffer from headaches, difficulty in moving their neck or limbs, muscle cramps, weakness throughout the arms or legs, and pain extending from the neck or back into the extremities.

If you have been experiencing neck or back pain, or any of these secondary symptoms, for more than two months, don’t put off getting help.  Without proper treatment by a qualified healer, neck or back pain generally only becomes worse with time and movement, and the tragic result can be a permanent or degenerative loss of mobility.

Contact the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic today for a consultation on how to treat your neck or back pain as well as the underlying cause.

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